We asked USA fan Diane to share her feelings about VITAS's concert she attended in China recently. Many of us (we speak not only for Mongolian fans, but also other fans around the world)have not had privileges to attend VITAS's concerts, are curious to know how it feels to see the master at work. Thank you Diane for making time in your busy schedule to write your account down for all of us! We also want to mention that Diane is one of many strong supporters of VITAS and his music in the United States. Please visit her website here. Here is what Diane wrote to us:

-Diane(lady in white) giving flowers to VITAS-

The concert was incredible!! ! The energy radiating from Vitas was tremendous and contagious. Sometimes I just stared in awe, and other times I clapped and sang, and SCREAMED. His suits are beautiful and sparkle more under the lights than is captured in photographs. It was very hot there. I had worn a light velvet jacket and had to take it off. Vitas was sweating very badly under the hot lights, but the heat did not slow him down. He performed one song after another, with only a few moments off stage now and then to change costume. Seeing him live was amazing in itself, but part of the energy was certainly from the Chinese audience. They react to his every glance and he plays upon it so cutely! He would pause and give a cute look, and the audience would scream! Then he would reward us with song or more cuteness. His interaction with the audience is wonderful and really makes you feel like he truly appreciates that you have come to see him. The impression is that he is not just doing a job, but takes great joy in his work, and wants to share that joy with his audience. I got to go up to give him flowers. I missed him sing Bird of Happiness and Friendship while we were in line. I could hear and somewhat see, but not as good as from our seats. And he came down into the audience during Bird of Happiness. My friend who was still in her seat was able to catch his hand for a moment as he passed by. I was unhappy I missed that part, but very happy to have a chance to give
flowers to him. When I gave him the flowers and he said "Thank You" in Russian, I totally froze. I just stared, then nodded and left. I felt silly I did not say "You are Welcome" or thank him for the concert. The actual songs sung have become a blur. I am told this concert amnesia is normal. It is like I was in a dream the whole time, then woke up and can only remember pieces of it. But it was a wonderful dream! I was sad when he sang Opera 2, because I knew it was the last song. That was the only bad part, it ended far too soon. I think it was actually over 2 1/2 hours, but it seemed like moments. I took very few pictures-but did get a lot because my friend took my camera and took them. Good thing, since I was not doing much of it! I was just too busy watching to use it. I really don't know what else to say that you all do not know. His voice is amazing! He is full of warmth, love, and charm! A truly world-Class performer all around. All those things that you see in video were there live before me. I can still hardly believe I was actually there. It was the best concert I had ever attended. I was on cloud 9 for weeks afterward! A long-lasting happiness drug! I think I need another hit soon... Ha!