Rain in Tbilisi (translated by Natalie)

It's raining in Tbilisi and a white Zhiguli car
Is floating down the road like a ship
It looks like I am happy as a child
Because I am loved by you whom I love as well

It's raining in Tbilisi. Chopping the firmament
A sudden thunder's flying like a crane
I wish you could hear it, my dear
'Cause it's telling everyone that I love you

It's raining in Tbilisi. I am dressed in rain
Flaunting my attire like a king
I am sad because you are not by my side
But even far away you should know that I love you

It's raining in Tbilisi, a blind downpour of May
I am catching it with my mouth as if I were drunk
And like you, it's kissing and embracing me
Coming to realize that I truely love you

Unfulfilled dreams are all I have at the moment
God bless the day when you and I
Will come to this land blessed by us
And enter Tbilisi's rain like a temple (more)