Russia's website is ranking Russia's greatest composers/singers and as of today VITAS is ranked #13. For many #13 can mean negative, this is not so for VITAS! He overcomes odds against him everyday including Russia's vicious tabloid nonsense!

Recently,VITAS's beloved grandfather Arkadyi Davydovich told Russian TV program that VITAS was denied singing contract in his youth in Kiev. That didn't stop VITAS from becoming the bright STAR who has following not only in Russia and Ukraine, but all over the world.

As we started this blog a month ago, we only wanted to post in Mongolian to introduce Mongolian speaking population of the world to an amazing voice of VITAS! To our great suprise we were shocked to receive tremendous pouring of support from all over the world! Our beautiful planet has an outstanding number of kind and caring human beings who write us to say "Thank you" for introducing them to VITAS's wonderful world of music. As we write this post, VITAS's music is being downloaded and played thousands of times around the world.

There is a phrase in VITAS's song "Poplar" that says:

"I guess I'm not like others
When one needs to cry , I smile"